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Issues at Vans Warped Tour 2014 (x)


gonna be on soundclash tomorrow night on vh1 w T.I., london grammar, & the homie diplo is hosting. watch at 9/8c


Don’t Panic album artwork vs. Don’t Panic: It’s Longer Now album artwork


Jeremy McKinnon of A Day to Remember by elmakias

House Party Tour

Pre-Production Day


Trip to Ueno and Ghibli Museum part 2!
Pics arent allowed inside understandably. I wouldn’t say I was underwhelmed by it but I was a bit disillusioned. The permanent exhibition room where they show how stop motion animation and film works is very cool and peaceful, at first a little awing, although I felt a bit epileptic despite not actually having epilepsy. Super fast strobe lights I mean.
The other exhibits weren’t all that amazing but I do wish I could’ve spent more time looking at the studio setups where they had samples of animation cells, storyboards, and research sketches. My brother was making me hurry even though we had 15 minutes to spare inside.
The short film we saw was enjoyable, Yado Sagashi I think it was called, and Tamori of tv talent fame was the guy who did all the vocal sfx (as all the short films are done in the Saturn Theater there) but the sfx were also jarring and awkward to me.
The gift shop was crowded and small and also wow there were some rowdy children and rowdy [Asian country I can’t tell by language] people. I would’ve hoped that there was a bigger selection of merchandise for all Ghibli films but Japan has this weird thing where they don’t care if an anime is considered “classic” just what’s new and hip. So, there was obviously a big table for their new film Omoide no Marnie, and an okay heap of Tonari no Totoro stuff, but everything else felt like leftover scraps? Like, film strip bookmarks featuring really random scenes, like not really memorable scenes? I dunno, just not a very wide selection. I could swear there were more and more wanted merchandise at the previous toy store and any other Ghibli store across Japan. I expected the museum shop to be better since it’s supposed to be exclusive stuff :(
It’s still a nice overall experience though, I would recommend it to anyone who’d be around Tokyo and had time to buy tickets way in advance for it.



I figured out how to make these kinds of gifs, now I have no idea what to do with this skill.

caitliniswatchingyou asked: What happened?


they literally just stood there. like youre at a concert to have fun, not to stand there looking like a huge dumbass

Jeez. I’d’ve been all over that if it wasn’t in another country


Look who I met! Justin and Jack from Sleeping With Sirens.